Each Smile Counts!!

It is said that a smile is the curve, which makes everything straight. Today I was busy with my daily work and was getting ready for an event. As I looked up in the mirror, I saw that my face missed something. I tried every bit to make myself complete, but alas couldn’t make that work. I missed a smile on my face.

In my busy schedule and a well tucked up routine, there was no place for a smile in my life. Maybe because I didn’t fix a proper time in my schedule for that or maybe in all the pressure and the urge to succeed I have forgotten how to smile. To make people happy and to stand up to their expectations, I don’t know when and how I have lost so many precious moments, where I could have smiled. But then I did this with pride, because I always wanted my dear ones to be proud of me, and believe me I am quite successful in that.

But today when I look back to the past 10 years of my life and try to find out one single moment which I have lived for myself, I have to think so hard..!! I found one or two instances, but again in those two instances I was happy because my close ones were happy. So am I happy? This is what I asked myself today and surprisingly, I don’t have an answer.

But still suppose you did all this and tried making people around you happy and then one fine day you ask them to reciprocate this affection for you, and rather than the love, you find a question as to what you did for them? How would you feel? You don’t have an answer, right? So now you think what a waste were those 10 years, those precious moments, which you won’t get back, ever. Those moments in which you could have enjoyed the rains, laughed with your friends, and do all the crazy things, which your friends did.

So friends, life is short. Enjoy every moment of it, at least try. Laugh a lot, make friends with people, enjoy the rains, eat junk food sometimes, and do all the craziness you want to do. Sometimes unhygienic food can give you the pleasure which even 5-star hotels can’t.

Live your life for yourself. Maybe that can prevent you from regretting it later. Remember each smile counts. So take with you as many smiles as you can.


Image Courtesy: www.feeldesain.com

2 thoughts on “Each Smile Counts!!

  1. Thank you for this great inspiration! I especially love the quote about a smile. I had never heard that before. I have found that instead of trying to make other people happy, it’s easier just to be happy myself. That is most effective 🙂

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