Why Me?

A lot of you are in lockdowns or in quarantine. You are most probably thinking what on earth went wrong. You can’t meet your friends, you can’t go to office, you can’t eat out, and of course your social life is gone. And I am sure most of you are asking this question to yourself … More Why Me?

Character in Crisis

We all know that human beings behave in a certain way in certain situations. But one of the most important aspects which differentiates between a normal person from an achiever and a leader is how you behave in times when the chips are down, when you are in a crisis scenario. Many a times we … More Character in Crisis

Winners ‘LOVE’ to do what they ‘HATE’ the most

Sometimes in life when you sit and introspect, and see what is going on around you, you will find various types of people. Different people, various lives, and their varied ways to perceive life. Out of all these different kinds of people, we all have someone like whom we really want to be – that … More Winners ‘LOVE’ to do what they ‘HATE’ the most

Don’t try to impress people. Do what you are best at.

While the world challenges us every day with new problems, and hurdles, there are so many avenues which often go un-noticed. Avenues from which we can draw inspiration, people who can teach us a thing or two, kids who can tell us that not understanding everything can be perfect, and not stupid. Our life is … More Don’t try to impress people. Do what you are best at.


In life it is very important to understand oneself. It can be as simple as understanding what you want in life, where do you want to see yourself down the line 5 years, or maybe whom would you like to be with. When you sum up all your needs, aspirations, goals, etc. you come up … More Self-Worth