Talk your ‘Understanding’

Life as a whole is a complex phenomena. Day in and day out we try to make our lives more secure, tension free and try to chalk out every possible step that we may take. But after doing all these things and practicing all our attempts to make it the way we want it to be, it turns out to be all new and unpredictable every other day.

So what should we do? Should we stop planning our life? Should we stop thinking about tomorrow? No. We have to plan our life; we need to see the ‘tomorrow’, because that makes our ‘today’ worth living. But then what should we do today, is what we should understand, is that our life cannot run by the way we want it to be always.

If you analyze as to what makes your life problematic and messy, you will find out two major terms called ‘Misunderstanding’ and ‘Miscommunication’, which plays a devastative role in anybody’s life. Be it the relationship of love, business, or any other connection of such kinds; no bonding can flourish if these two terms exist.

So now its time to understand how we can do our bit to make our life easy and make sure that our bonding last long.

  • If you don’t want to lose your loved ones and your mates, talk with them directly, if you have any problem that concerns you and the person.
  • The communication should be one-to-one and not one-to–many.
  • Don’t carry forward the matter and don’t discuss the matter with people until and unless you are clear as to what the person concerned wants to depict.
  • Try to understand the context before judging a person. If you do not understand the context and discuss the matter with people, the main context gets filtered and subsidiary contexts arise.
  • Understand the mood of the person concerned before talking, maybe the manner with which you are talking to, will not be reciprocated by the person at that instant. That does not mean that he/she does not want to talk to you or has any grudge against you in his/her mind.

Life is all about understanding. So Talk your ‘Understanding’ and preserve and prevent your relationship(s) from getting decayed.

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