Character in Crisis

We all know that human beings behave in a certain way in certain situations. But one of the most important aspects which differentiates between a normal person from an achiever and a leader is how you behave in times when the chips are down, when you are in a crisis scenario. Many a times we … More Character in Crisis

Being successful is a no joke, high commitment ‘job’

‘Success’ – this word is so powerful that everyone in this world is running behind it to achieve it. But being successful in any field is a no joke, high commitment, full-time ‘job’. Now you might be thinking as to why am I calling it a ‘job’? So lets ponder on it in detail. Success … More Being successful is a no joke, high commitment ‘job’

Each Smile Counts!!

It is said that a smile is the curve, which makes everything straight. Today I was busy with my daily work and was getting ready for an event. As I looked up in the mirror, I saw that my face missed something. I tried every bit to make myself complete, but alas couldn’t make that … More Each Smile Counts!!