Time, Space and Evasion.


After all the work and hustle of the day, I sit today sipping my favourite blend of tea; and while analysing as to what all I missed today, I find out that I missed talking to somebody. Not because I was busy or I had to over-work today and had a tight schedule, but because maybe I didn’t want to talk to that person. I don’t know why, but then maybe the two major components that runs life, i.e, the ‘Time’ and ‘Space’, are needed.

I am a business student, and I have a few good friends who keep me telling that I am over-analytical, but then I found out that this analysis is what drives me towards what I do. I tried to work on this and tried to carve myself out to be non-analytical at times and tried to be more of a ‘social-animal’ than I was before. I found out that this gives rise to a feeling called ‘Expectation’ and then you eventually find out that you are not supposed to expect much from anybody, not even from the ones with whom you are closely linked to. So I think it’s better to be ‘me’ –  the more the analysis, the less the problems. Maybe I am wrong, but from my experience in the last 5 years or so I can conclude this.

So today I came to know about the third dimension of life. I call it ‘Evasion’. I don’t want to say that evade from your life and avoid your problems; we all need to face that – because that makes us strong. But sometimes evading from your worries, your tension, your expectations and your work can replenish you and you can find a better way to make a judicious use of your strength. Many people do it by meditation, but then I prefer to do that by self introspection.

I observed myself and got a few leads which can help you be a happier person. They are as follows:

  • Talk less – The less you talk, the more you prevent yourself from getting involved in unnecessary arguments.
  • Expect less – If you ask somebody about their problems or their needs at times, then don’t expect that they will also ask you the same when you need it. You are your own backup.
  • Be less caring sometimes – Care for those who can understand and reciprocate it, otherwise there is no point in over-stressing yourself.
  • Don’t be too easy to get – This is a universal behaviour in humans. The more you are readily available, the less you are cared and treated for.
  • Don’t lose your dignity –  Your dignity is the only thing that makes you stand where you are, so never lose it.
  • Be you – Don’t lose yourself. If anybody can’t take you by the way you are, there is no point to be associated with that person.

So give some ‘Time’ and ‘Space’ to yourself. Brood about what makes you happy, expect less and ‘Evade’ form your worries once in a while.

Love your life, love it by the way it is and don’t compromise.

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