Living the 19 hours a day schedule!

Life is all about doing something that you like. I have heard that if someone can make his/her passion into a full-time work, life is not at all hectic. But sometimes we perceive something to be our passion and even if we like what we are doing, we do not really get enough time to introspect and understand whether we are right or still something needs to be figured out.

I am an MBA student and I am currently working as an intern in one of the best financial institutions in the world. I perceive myself lucky that my hard work finally paid off and I got a chance to learn from the brightest minds of the world. But everything comes at a price. As I am a full-time MBA student I am taking my classes as well during the nights and working as a full-time intern during the day.

My typical day starts at 6 am in the morning when I start preparing myself for office. I work the whole day and come back around 5:30 pm in the evening. From 6 pm my financial accounting class starts and it ends around 10 pm in the night. From 10:15 pm I start working on my project till 2 am in the morning and finally I go off to sleep at 2:30 am and wake up again at 6 am next morning. It is pretty intense and tied up. But having said that, I still love my internship, my class and my life, because whenever I get time I try to recapitulate and introspect what I liked and what I disliked the entire day.

From 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm window when I am free, I go to the nearest Starbucks coffee place and think about my day with my favorite blend of coffee. Believe me those 30 minutes of coffee is my refreshment for the next 8 hours of work. Every time I think about what I did the entire day I come up with good as well as not so good points. So the next morning, I try to leverage the good points and eliminate the bad ones. In this way I try to achieve not only quality work but also spend some good time with myself.

Life is busy and time does not wait for anyone. What we as humans can do, is just snatch some time out from our busy schedules and make some good memories out of them which we can cherish later. Smile a lot and talk to people around you, because the more you talk the more you learn.

So let us together start a great week coming up and try to find out as to how we can leverage the best aspects of our lives.

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