My Dad- My Silent Support.

I would like to start my blog today with a small wish to each and every father in this world, who works very hard their entire life to give their child a better future – Happy Father’s Day.

Nowadays it is very common to see blurbs in every corner of social media when there is a kind of celebration or some special day. People from all parts of the world come on a social platform to show their gratitude towards the person they love and respect. This is one thing that I really like about social media, as it lets you speak to the world and it is a very powerful sword to use.

As I am from India and India is nice-and-a-half hours ahead from the US, I found a lot of Father’s Day messages on various social platforms this morning. I am 23 and I had never wished my Dad on a Father’s Day before. Not because I didn’t want to, but because there was a little distance between my father and me. Since the day I started understanding my surroundings as a child, I spent very little time to know and talk to my father. He always had a very responsible position at work (now he is the General Manager of the most productive area in the Eastern Coalfields Limited, Coal India Limited) and so I didn’t see him much at home. My mother brought me up and she is the one who always guided me and supported me for everything I wanted in life. She is my best friend.

I always had a grudge in mind that my Dad didn’t spend time with me. When I saw my friend’s fathers at my school during various events, I did not find my father, although my Mom was always there to fill in for him. But now when I work and find myself busy all the time, I actually understand as to why he didn’t get time. Life teaches you a lot of things. To be a great person like my father, I will have to take a rebirth. He worked very hard every day to make my life more comfortable, and even now when I earn a decent living, he still asks me whether I need something. Fathers are very important, my Dad was the first person to encourage me to come to the US for my MBA and finally I landed up into one of the best companies in the world for my work. I would say my father is a silent back support for my life and career.

Recently we have started talking pretty frequently, and all the credit goes to my Mom to make this happen. He has started loosening up to make me feel comfortable to talk to him and I like it. I am planning to buy a car for my transportation here in Florida to work, school and home, and I was not able to make a decision as to what to buy. My father solved my confusion in a minute this morning.

He said-
“ Do you want to be the best and differentiate yourself from the rest of the people or just want to be a part of the crowd? If you want to be different buy the best car available or buy nothing”.

This statement does not need any further explanation, and I am buying one of the best cars here. His decision making process is something which I want to learn- Clear, crisp and realistic.

I don’t know if this would be right to say now,but I love my Dad, much more now than before and I will continue to try to be somewhat like him throughout my life. I know I should have wished him before, but it’s better late than never.

Happy Father’s Day Dad, you are the best!

2 thoughts on “My Dad- My Silent Support.

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