3 Things to Avoid when you achieve Success

My experience as a student and as a professional made me visualize some of the best and worst human activities when someone achieves something great. I have learned a lot from these experiences and would like to share 3 most undesirable aspects of human behaviors when you get success:

  1. ‘Boasting’ is not always a good thing: It needs a lot of hard work to achieve something great and something which you have always dreamt of. But boasting about it always makes others think that you are showing off your achievements and undervaluing them.
  2. ‘Underestimating’ others: Don’t forget that you worked a lot to reach where you are today. Thus, help people and give them a direction which could show them how to reach success, instead of underestimating them and making fun of them. The world is round, you never know what can happen tomorrow.
  3. ‘Taking your success for granted’: If you have reached where you always wanted to be, that doesn’t mean that you should stop working hard and take things for granted. Your success should be your motivation to work harder and to achieve something even more better than what you have today.

So, let us pledge today to avoid these 3 things in life and help people reach their goals once we have reached ours.

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