Don’t Forget the Thing You Love

Since few days I have been very busy. Busy with my regular MBA Finance studies, working as a student assistant, leading a team for the Geneva Challenge 2015 thereby representing my University at a global level, and starting up the first ever Business Analytics Club at the University of Tampa as the founding President. As I believe in perfection, I always try to give my 100% to all the activities in which I am involved with and try to bring out the best out of me by competing with myself each and every time.

While doing all these things and to make it sure that I could hold the responsibility in an efficient manner, I forgot to do something which is my ultimate stress buster – blogging. Blogging is something which I do because I love to write. Although I am not a writer but I do try to write something simple and easy so that everyone can read my blogs and understand and inspire me and others. Due to this reason I made a promise to myself that today, after all the work, I will write a piece for myself.

Friends, your passion drives you to work hard and to excel, and we wake up every morning and try to make a difference in the world. At the same time, it is very important to take some time out for us too. So from today make it a point that every week you will snatch some time out of your busy schedule and will do something unique, something with which you can connect to, something that you love. Believe me if you can do that, you will feel much lighter and will be happy.

When I was doing my engineering studies, I asked someone “What is Happiness?” The person replied- “Happiness is just the absence of sadness”. He inspired me. This line is true in all forms and respect. So go find your stress buster, find your happiness and spend some quality time with it.

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