Being Successful is different from Being Victorious

The preconceived notion of being ‘successful’ is often misinterpreted as being ‘victorious’. Although for some reason both these words appear to be synonymous, there is a fine line between the two words. Crossing the finishing line may seem to be victorious but that does not mean that you are successful. Having said that, what I mean to say is that you may be a winner but may or may not be successful.

For example, let’s talk about the great leaders that we have come across in our lives. I know quite a few business role models and management gurus who do not lead a rich life despite a very affluent business or monetary base. They like to live simple and make others’ lives easier. They try to mentor their subordinates and see to it that they could have a richer lifestyle. And what do they get in return? Life long admiration, followers, and success both in terms of business and life. So what do we interpret from this example. The ‘person’ could have concentrated wealth towards him but he didn’t and thus he is a successful ‘leader’ whose victory is not crossing the finishing line but to help others cross it.

While I was working today, one of my colleagues-Steve started this discussion and I felt that this should be shared with you. I have seen people losing a deal but still coming out successful and some others who are victorious but yet not successful. This statement depends on how you perceive your ‘success’ and ‘victory’ to be. To my experience every time I mixed both these terms the result was not pleasant. Whenever I lost a deal I thought I am not successful, but that’s not true.

So what I would suggest to you today is to understand what according to you is your success and victory. Once you scale these two parameters, differentiate these two aspects of your life and believe me you will be successful as well as victorious at some point of your life.

Picture Credit: Google Images.

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