I want to dream of a better India…Now!!

When I leave India today, all I want is a united India for tomorrow. There is no friendship in this country, neither there is any sympathy for its citizens. The country is divided into states and each state claims to be its own master. Everywhere in this country you can hear the names of states and nobody says that they strive for their country as a whole.

People from one state cheat the other from a different state. This problem has corroded the country from the grass root level. It has penetrated into the deeper sections of the society and has percolated to the minds of its citizens. Honesty, selflessness, peace are the terms which have become extinct in this society. The problem of corruption, laziness and sheer negligence has become the primary attitude of the population.

Emails sent to an organization for a rightful enquiry goes un-answered. If you call a person on his/her notified number, the person never picks up the phone to answer your question. A work that needs mere two hours is delayed and extended to two days and even two weeks. A common man is never treated as an equal. He is always treated as garbage in the waste bin.

Its not a single person who does it, it is a whole lot of so many people one cannot count. This attitude is not only retained in one generation, but is getting passed on to the coming generations as an heritage, as a means to survive and face the people in this country. And eventually everybody is getting entangled into the vicious circle of utter non-sense and problem.

This country needs a new thinking, a new dimension, and a new energy for the ablution of the old India for a fresh new India. For this I have faith on students like me, who want to change the bad notion about India and make India better before saying -‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ (Hindi sentence meaning- My India is the best).

We need bureaucrats, ministers and service personnel in every level of the society for this new rise of India, who are young not by their age but by their thought process, who think about India first, before thinking about their states. India needs a change desperately. I promise to come back to India and to do whatever possible to make it the best. What about you?

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