Our existence in this world is based on some special reason, which revolves around us and we do not understand that. This may happen due to negligence towards life or because of our overly scheduled calendar that we do not even get time to introspect, and we miss the very reason of our living- our motive.

Where we want to be today and what we perceive us to be in the near future, can be best achieved and described if we know our motive towards life. Maybe today we stand in a position where we did not want to be or maybe we feel bad that we did not understand what we wanted to do and landed up in such a place; but wait, think, and introspect, where you can reach from here, rather than repenting and thinking over your negligence and miseries.

So today, take some time off for yourself. Think where you are standing today and what all can you achieve from this place in the future. Understand the reason of your existence, the motive of your life. Once you do this, I am sure you will be able to be what you wanted, may be you would achieve much more than you expected. Talk to people; take guidelines from your peers, your professors, your colleagues and your family. There is no harm in asking for help.

Once you find your motive and you succeed, make others understand the benefit of motive recognition in life and proliferate a positive aura all over. Don’t be afraid to walk on a path less travelled by. Don’t be afraid of what people and society will think. Do what you love to do and you will see you will be happy and successful.

So achieve your MOTIVE and MOTIVATE others for theirs.

(Image Courtesy: Arnab Pandey Photography)

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