Make Mistakes to Learn from them.

‘Mistake’ is a word everyone wants to avoid. Have you asked yourself why? If not, ask it today. Why do you avoid making mistakes? Or more precisely let me rephrase the question: Why do you fear making mistakes? Have you ever thought what can happen if you make a mistake? Nothing. As much as I know, if you make a mistake at your work or your life, just go and face the situation. Accept your mistake and learnt from it.

Mistakes make you be more competent to face the world, and make you face it with the position of strength. The more mistakes you make and the more you learn, you are more likely to be perfect the next time. Let me be clear, I am not justifying careless attitude, but sometimes mistake do happen even when you are extra cautious.

So the next time you make a mistake, face it. Face the problem, face it boldly to the person concerned and then take a step back and find a solution to it. Be strong, and always face the world with the position of strength.

There is nothing called ‘Weakness’, they are ‘Opportunities’ for you to work on, and move slowly and steadily to perfection.

Tell me what do you think about making Mistakes:

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