Being successful is a no joke, high commitment ‘job’

‘Success’ – this word is so powerful that everyone in this world is running behind it to achieve it. But being successful in any field is a no joke, high commitment, full-time ‘job’. Now you might be thinking as to why am I calling it a ‘job’? So lets ponder on it in detail.

  1. Success is hard to achieve: Success doesn’t come to everyone. It is highly competitive, and you have to be on your toes every morning to become successful. You have to think the best, work the best, and be the best, to be successful. Mediocrity has no place in this success savvy world.
  1. Success requires high maintenance: Being successful is difficult, but to stay successful is more than difficult. You have to maintain your performance, your expertise, and update your skill sets to stay the best at your field. You have to practice everyday to stay sharp.
  1. Success needs change: The world is never stagnant. It changes every single day. So to be successful and to stay the same, one needs to embrace change with enthusiasm, and wake up every morning to do something and learn something new. Success is a constant teaching-learning process. You may learn from your surroundings, your subordinates, and from your bosses. You should never stop learning.
  1. With success comes responsibility: When you are successful, it becomes your responsibility to help others. To give your hand to the person in need, so as to provide him/her the support and care, which can make him/her successful. You are now a mentor.
  1. Successful people make them replaceable: When you are successful, it is your responsibility to train and guide someone best who can replace you when you are not present. This is what differentiates one from being a leader as compared to be a manager or a follower.


So let’s all take success as a commitment and work hard towards being successful in our respective fields.


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