In life it is very important to understand oneself. It can be as simple as understanding what you want in life, where do you want to see yourself down the line 5 years, or maybe whom would you like to be with. When you sum up all your needs, aspirations, goals, etc. you come up with an intangible measure call ‘self-worth’. I define ‘self-worth’ as the value that I have for myself.

Understanding your self-worth can boost your life in a very positive way. It can make you confident, prosperous, it makes you work harder towards your goals, and it never lets you settle for any less value than what you think you are. But sometimes, we often misunderstand this phrase and misinterpret self-worth to self-importance. When you add a little bit of ego to your self-worth, it becomes ‘self-importance’, and when your self-importance supersedes your ‘self-worth’, that’s the time when you should stop and introspect.

‘Ego’ is good at times when it is needed. Sometimes your ego can help boost your confidence and boost your worth, because it will make you extra careful towards all your approach. But if your ego is not balanced it can make you lose what you have as you are bound to overestimate your self-worth, and that is known as over-confidence. This only brings hardships – professionally and personally. I am telling all this to you today because I had made mistakes and have learned from them, and I don’t want you to commit the same kind of mistakes.

So today go sit at a quiet place for an hour, and estimate your self-worth. And if in this process you come across things which you should not have done, be sorry for them, and apologize. This will not make you small, this will just boost your confidence and your self-worth. Love yourslef and love the people who loves you. Don’t let them go.





Arnab Pandey

 Arnab Pandey is a  capital markets professional, an entrepreneur, a nationally awarded debater, an internationally acclaimed researcher, and a passionate blogger. He holds  an  MBA (Finance) degree from the Sykes College of Business at The University of Tampa, Florida. He procured his under-graduate (Bachelor of Technology) degree in the field of applied mechanics….. Read More



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