Dreams are costly, don’t lose them!

Everyone has a dream. A dream to do something, to reach somewhere, or just to be what you have always aspired to become. But do we really follow those dreams? Or we just go with the flow, just do what others are doing? It sounds safe right?! Just do what others tell you to do and be safe, be acknowledged by the society, and be accepted by people because you are one of them.

But what about your dream? What about being the initiator of something really nice, an initiator of a business model through which you can eliminate the problems which persists in the world today? You lose it eventually because people do not believe in your dream. They don’t believe in your idea. Maybe they think that you are just an ordinary person, and you would not be able to achieve the extraordinary.

So what if people do not believe in you. Just give it a try. What will happen even if you fail? You will lose a couple of dollars, maybe some hundreds, but you will learn something priceless and precious from it. Just let go yourself. Just do what you want to do, because it is easy to do what others are doing, but it is extraordinary to be different.

There are societies which never let you do what you want to. I belong to one of them. But I have a dream and I will break every hurdle to achieve that. Believe in yourself, plan your idea, and jump into something extraordinary. Success is a tough game and if you want to be successful you have to face the ordeals, and implement your idea. But at first – “Be a Dreamer”.


Photo Credits: Google Images. (kickofjoy.com)

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