Our Mind is a Slam Book!

Every day we wake up in the morning, do our daily chores, and prepare ourselves to face the world in a slightly better way than we did yesterday. Maybe we try to make our lives a little happier, a little more successful, and try to make ourselves slightly more knowledgeable. In this journey of life we make memories, moments, and travel through a path of ups and downs. Many a times we forget about these experiences and they get logged at one of the deep corners of our minds.

Today while I was looking forward to clean and recycle some of my old documents and links from my computer, I came across my online slam book link. I totally forgot about my slam book in my busy schedule, which I configured before coming to the US for my higher studies. Some of my best buddies filled my slam book for me, as I wanted to take their memories with me and keep them intact.

I clicked on the link and as I was reading through all the slams, I came across some of the craziest and sweetest answers that my friends had filled in for me about my nature, my lifestyle, what they think I will become, their favorite moments with me, my weaknesses, my strengths, etc. I was overwhelmed and my heart filled with joy when one of my juniors had written that he treats me as his role model and thanked me for showing him the right path in his life. My best friend wrote that the most special moments of his life were the moments which he spent with me. One of my colleagues had written that she was thankful that I gave her the opportunity to work at my startup firm and for believing in her. My day today couldn’t have been better.

Life can be strange. Even when you achieve something great, you have some blanks in your life that needs to be filled in. Sometimes you face certain unexpected events in life, which you cannot solve by your general intellect. In business terms we often call them ‘contingency scenarios’. Your friends, the moments that you shared with them, and the experience that you have gained as a result, can sometimes be the best ways to face those contingencies.

So create memories and store them in your mind, as your mind is your best slam book! And if you know me and you want to tell me something, here is the link of my slam book below. Please feel free to fill it.

Click here for my Slam Book. 

Have a great week ahead!

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