Are we really creating the future?

We are getting the game wrong! I believe we are just doing what we already know. We are chasing the past. We are trying to find out what is already proven to be true. Think about this for a second. When you set goals, how do you set them? Do you take into consideration the things that you are good at and then extend and extrapolate them to set a goal in the future? Yes? If that is true, we are all indeed living in the past. So, if we all are living in the past, how are we going to create the future?

If you are great at Math, and your goal is to crack the math exam, and you did crack it – that is not something you did not know. You knew you will do good. So where is the competition.? Where is the unknown variable? Where is the X-Factor? and where is the risk? Our aim should be to find the unknown coefficient in us. Our game should be to find out the untapped and raw energy and opportunities for the world.

The game is to see and not to prove. The game should be to perform without expectations, because having expectations or setting expectations are the results of a past behavior. The game is to find people who resonates not with your frequency, but those who challenge you to achieve newer frequencies. The game is to not fear losing yourself. Don’t compete with the present. More than 70% of the technology you are using is going to change in another 15 years. How and what are you competing with then?

Your competition should be to create a better future! Just go! Seek your game! Seek the future! Please don’t recreate the past. It is not worth it.

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