Degree vs. Skills – In the post-pandemic era.

Since quite some time, we have debated over issues to find out the best approach to hire and retain the best brains in the industry. Not just us, who are in major corporate houses and are hungry for the best talent across the world, but when it comes to small, medium and startup businesses this hunt for the best brains is even more serious and the need is extreme.

See for large corporate houses you have replacements already available, so you have time to hire fresh brains with talent and then shape them as you see fit. But for startups and businesses which are small scale you need to hire people who already have relevant skill sets or experience in that matter. I have had the chance to talk and interact with entrepreneurs and startup owners globally and sometimes their search is extremely precise. They are looking for people who are best at one form of skill set and who can take projects from the very first day of their hiring.

Now that’s something interesting if you think about it. I have come across hundreds of students from schools all over America and India, and although some have excellent degrees on their resume, they severely lack the specific skill sets that are the need of the hour. The problem is not the students. The problem is the education system. I still believe a college education can open doors for you. But, with the time changing so rapidly, the system of education does not have the ability to change itself so fast. I find it to be pretty stagnant and at some parts of the world we are still studying things which are obsolete, and we do not use them in the industry anymore. So, to be at par with the industry and to keep yourself updated with the latest market knowledge search, you as a student have to learn skill sets on your own. With the globalized framework of education, learning a skill set has become really easy. You just need a computer and an internet connection, and you can learn anything you want to. Most of the online coursework nowadays are cost efficient and they also provide you with high value project works. This learning experience not only makes you more hire-friendly because of your skill sets, but it also makes you a profitable asset to the firm showing that you can take challenges and take ownership towards your goals. Needless to say, it boosts your confidence level.

With this pandemic situation and lockdowns of universities, education has anyway gone online. It has opened several gates of opportunities. Major corporate houses are going completely online and are looking for people with specific skill sets so that they could save time training them as it is not as easy nowadays to train people virtually. They are following lean hiring techniques like startups.

So I would like you like to seriously think about the 2 options you have now.

Option 1: You still want to go for a very high cost college degrees and stay home study online from these colleges,

or Option 2: you go to a relatively cheaper college and study by yourself online and gather high value skill sets.

The choice is yours. But if you ask me, I would strongly suggest you go for the second option.

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