Reason through your problems

Finding light when everything is dark is tough. It becomes even more difficult when the things you plan don’t go as you thought. We as human beings are inclined towards hope – a hope towards a better tomorrow, a better life, maybe a better situation at times. But when you are already in a situation which you don’t want to be in, your hopes intensify to many more folds and you become restless and impatient. This eventually leads to you being sad and worst case even depressed. Trust me, it happens to everyone who works hard to be better – because you feel like although you are working hard, you are not getting what you deserve.

Life would be so much better if you could fast forward everything right? But it’s not like that. So what would you do if you could control your emotions and your mind to feel better each day? Ask yourself that question instead of thinking that life is miserable. I can tell you what I do most of the times when I feel anxious or impatient. Maybe that can help you. See, the feeling of impatience or anxiousness does not like logic. It just likes to escalate everything and run to conclusions – and almost every time the perceived conclusion is negative. The first thing to get rid of anxiousness is to start reasoning and use logic. Every time I feel anxious I ask myself this question – “Why am I feeling anxious? Is there a reason behind it?” Once you ask yourself this question, your brain directly goes to a thinking mode. What you are doing here is you are trying find the reason – you are trying to fight the situation rather than running away from it and jumping to conclusions.

Once you find a reason of your impatience, the next step is to find solutions. Finding ‘valid’ reasons is the tough part. Give more time to find the reason. Finding solutions is generally easy. Although you would be triggered to find short-term solutions to get rid of the situation fast, I would suggest you find long-lasting solutions. You can start slow, follow a solid process, and eventually lay down a great plan to eradicate your negative thoughts.

Sometimes some problems may appear as if they don’t have a solution. And as human beings its normal to be sad and feel helpless. These feelings make you real, but yes don’t let them make you weak. When such situations occur, try to see the bigger picture. Everyone in the world has a purpose to live for. Try to find your purpose during these dark times. This will definitely give you the peace of mind, and help you see the light. And if you already know your purpose, then just picture that – you will find that all these problems are very small compared to that main goal.

Every negative emotion is triggered from one common stimulus – and that is the feeling of being ‘unsafe’. And to be safe you can’t run away from problems, you have to fight them. And if this helps let me know what you are facing – maybe I can help you fight them.



2 thoughts on “Reason through your problems

  1. Serious, debilitating depression and anxiety are usually emotional and non-rational. So, we can’t reason our way out. The reasoning function has already been compromised.


    1. That is true. Medical attention will be the best alternative to that. This article primarily focuses on how to not get too worked up and have a positive attitude towards life – when things are not going well.


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