A second chance worth living for

In our lives we try to run fast, sometimes exceedingly fast. We run to be on the top of everything. But in this race we make mistakes, sometimes small, sometimes large, sometimes too big to say sorry and get the thing undone. But at the end of the day we are all human beings. Human beings are programmed to make mistakes, understand that, learn from it and never repeat that again. That’s what life is – a sequence of events full of teaching and learning.

A second chance is required for all human beings. Give a second chance to yourself, or to someone who you really love, to your best friend, to your employee, to your son, daughter, brother, and sister. A chance to make them understand that you care, a chance to make them feel that their apology is granted. A chance to show that whatever the past was, that doesn’t matter to you anymore. Make them understand that you want to write the present, and carve out the future with them – together.

I used to not believe in second chances, until recently when someone showed me, and made me feel how significant a second chance can be. I was travelling to India and was in the city of Kolkata when I met this person. A second chance can give you a new wave of energy, it can come into your life as a ray of hope, a way to plan your life all over again. I think sometimes you just have to ease yourself, and look into the mirror and say ‘I made terrible mistakes. I lost’. This is a very powerful statement. Once you agree that you made a mistake or you lost, the only thing that can happen to you is that you will win.

So today, just remember there are people around you who really want a second chance. Give it to them. You will find happiness, and you will definitely spread love. Give yourself a second chance – a chance worth living for.



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