The Pokemon Fad. Why is it successful?

I was coming from work the other day, and interestingly found quite a few people discussing over Pokémon Go. As I child I watched a few episodes of Pokémon, and I am not a big fan of it. But when everybody talks about something common, every time you pass by them, you certainly want to see and experience what is the hype all about. I too downloaded the app (game) and started playing it. To be honest I find it pretty engaging and interactive.

Discussing about it technically it is a well designed augmented reality based game, developed by Niantic, Inc. The Pokémon Company and Nintendo experienced a good stock value appreciation because of this game. The app uses your location and access your camera to give the user a more realistic experience towards the whole process.

Now coming to the point as to why is it becoming exceedingly popular and successful, and the answer to this lies on the thought process that was put on while developing the game:

a) In this modern era where people have no time to meet each other, Pokémon Go brings in people together. When two individual share the same passion, same liking, and are inclined towards achieving the same goal (here catching Pokémon); people connect. They talk, they feel the sense of belongingness. When people feel the sense of belongingness, they spread the word. Thus marketing is taken care of, at no cost.

b) When you make people relive their childhood, they will do so at any cost. No one likes the daily grind, a respite is required. How do you do that? You connect to your childhood, when you had nothing to worry about. You download the game, and the cycle of meeting new people and feeling connected repeats, you talk to people and make it more popular.

c) Attention to detailing is one of the most important things for any business idea to succeed. Pokémon Go is a great example for the same. The process does not end with catching Pokémon. It just starts with it. You catch the same Pokémon, transfer them, evolve them, incubate them, battle them, and so forth. So there is not a realistic stopping point of this engagement.

d) You are teamed up on the basis of an unique goal. The teams are segregated into colors, thus now you have an identity. Identity makes you stand as a team, and not as a group of people. You are now more inclined towards working hard to evolving to be a great Pokémon master with your team. The sense of team spirit is inculcated.

e) Pokémon Go’s non-competitive approach towards catching Pokémon is just another example of building community relationship and engagement. When people are helping each other to catch Pokémon, they are reducing rivalry, which is another way of sharing compassion, strengthening relationship, and helping others to reach the common shared goal- which is excellence.

As a management professional, I find this app extremely engaging, new, innovative, and praise worthy. It is an ensemble of perfection, deep thought process, strategy, creativity and an excellent business plan.

Let me know your views on this.



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