Patience, and the desire to fight back.

If life would have been easy, it would have been too amazing to handle I guess. Undulations keep us going; to reach where we want to go, and have a belief that tomorrow will be beautiful, and things will be better. I know it is very easy to say these things and blog about it, but believe me I do understand what people go through during times which are not very good. I have been through many, and right now I am going through one of them.


One major problem in life is that, we try to surround ourselves with people who are always good to us. But we never analyze or retrospect as to why people are good to us. Are they good because they want something from you, or they are good because you are good? Did you ever think what if they leave you when you are not doing so well, financially, professionally, or even personally? Are they really worth it?


Problems are life’s best teachers. I know I want this problem to go off from my life as soon as possible, but this problem uncovered so many faces for me, exhibited so many possibilities in life, and made me consider so many other alternatives that I never thought of. Sometimes some people who are not very sweet to you on your face, turns out to be your best support system, and someone for whom you have bestowed everything of your life – just leaves you and go.


So when problem comes, be patient. Think what would have happened if you were not like this. Think about all other possibilities of life, career, and well-being. Life just happens, it is up to you as to how you want to carve it, and with whom you want to share it with. Have the desire to fight back, one more time.

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