Life is all about an inspiration

I haven’t been writing since a long time. WordPress literally reminded me that I haven’t been writing anymore. Life is busy. Last semester of MBA, coupled with 8 projects, and an internship at one of the world’s largest financial institution is keeping me way too occupied. But then I remembered that I am missing something in my life, and that is my passion towards writing.

Everyone needs a passion in life, and more importantly an inspiration, which inspires you to do something at which you find happiness. I found my inspiration in a person. Simple, a bit crazy, often doing exactly the opposite to what I say. That person adds value to my life, and makes me smile. That’s what makes that person so special.

I have always been very career oriented in my life. Very focused, planned, and determined to achieve academic and professional excellence. It would be wrong to say that I didn’t achieve what I expected. More precisely, I achieved and out performed my benchmarks every single time. But there was something that was missing – the feeling of being at home.

Invest your time on yourself. Invest your time on people whom you love. Spend time to smile, breathe, and look beyond your computer screens and mobile phones. Life is beautiful. Life is serene. Don’t lose the person who brings happiness to your life. Nothing is more valuable than having that person in your life. For me nothing in this world can weigh down the importance of that person.

So today make a promise to yourself that you will be happy, and make an effort to understand the importance of people around you.

Keep inspiring!!

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