Winner’s don’t Stop Winning.

Winning to me is not a goal, it is an attitude.

It is an attitude of not stopping when you achieve something, but to derive a motivation from that to achieve something even bigger and better. To me life is interesting when you have uncertainties in it. Sometimes things may go extremely well and sometimes situations can be worse. But that’s how life is.

I was talking to one of my friends yesterday at my favorite coffee place and she said that being successful and achieving greater heights makes one feel alone, and she wants to be with her friends. I share the same feeling; but I asked her what kind of friends does she want – friends who leave you as soon as you achieve something? It is a tough question to answer. Maybe a question which has no answer. She said she has a different view towards her life unlike me and I respect that.

Life has given me situations where I had to choose between two choices – whether I want to be a part of the crowd and do what people expects me to do, or be different and become a successful person. I chose to be different and successful every single time. I face challenges, find opportunities and try to deliver the best I have in me for every ordeal I face in my career and my life. When I do not find an opportunity I try to create one, doesn’t matter how small it is, but I do it. My friend Chris (my MBA peer) always asks me what is my next challenge and sometimes he wonders what is wrong with me if I do not do anything similar.

To live life on the edge, to face challenges, and to create opportunities you need to have the guts and have to devote time. Sometime you may overwork and can’t attend parties like the rest of the crowd, but if that makes you happy, then go for it. Believe me you are different! Let people criticize you, you don’t care. As great leaders have said –

First they try to stop you, then they criticize you, and then they follow you.

So what is your Dream? What is your Challenge? Remember when you face the world this time, face it with the position of strength.

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