Mother- India vs. Teacher- USA

I am one of the luckiest few students who got an opportunity to study Management and Administration, from one of the esteemed University in the United States of America. This was one of the boldest few decisions, I had to make whether if I wanted to go abroad and pursue my studies or not. As it happens in India, people come to you and talk about various do’s and don’ts before even you apply for your visa, and eventually you do get scared about going to a foreign place and studying. Sometimes these are forced advices (even if you don’t want there will be some people who will insist to give a few before they leave you alone).

One fine evening, my father saw me perplexed and said “Whatever you could have studied in India is done, now it is time for you to go to the US and take a step forward to become a global leader”. My father is one of the major influencers in my life. I have never seen such a sorted out personality in my whole career. His voice made me strong and I proceeded towards making my dream come true.

I belong to a country called India. It is a country where everywhere you will find emotions, relationships and connectivity. Although things have quite changed now, it is a place where people are more inclined to do collective jobs and take collective decisions, where your parents and your society decides what you would become as a professional, where will you marry and even when would you have your first child. I am serious, and believe me there are positive as well as negative sides to it. According to the management gurus, India is a collectivistic nation and they are very right in their approach. If you ever fall into any kind of danger or you need help, you will always find your neighbors helping you out and not only that, people who may not even know you, will help you out. Such are we ‘Indians’. We find pride in helping people.

India is a nation, which teaches you tolerance towards various aspects of your life; tolerance towards religion, culture, caste, creed, gender and even how to tolerate people when they criticize India on their face. Such are we ‘Indians’. You can find top class engineers, managers, scientists, industrialists, and politicians in India. India has reached space, into the Mars orbits and recently launched its first experimental flight of next generation launch vehicle. Despite being the second largest populated country globally, Indians can even find their way in utter confusion by ‘adjusting’ situations. In my opinion we are the best ‘adjusters’ in the world. Being an Engineer and an Entrepreneur, my learning had just started. Having said that, I had to learn and understand more than what my country could teach me.

I am a good observer and when I landed to the US, I started grasping the elements, which make the USA – the world power.

The first thing, which struck me, was the ‘punctuality’ people have in their life. Being punctual and responsible is one of the most important factors that is necessary for any nation to be successful.

Second, the US startled me with the way people manage traffic. There is a tremendous sense of safety imbibed by the states for the pedestrians and the common mass respect that.

Third, the way the assets, roads and laws are maintained and practiced is commendable.

Fourth, this country welcomes talent. If you are talented, no matter where you come from or what you are, you are respected and given an opportunity to shine.

Fifth, safety is a huge concern. You call the police or safety personnel in your campus and they are there to help you out in no time.

Sixth, there is no scene of plagiarism in any kind of work. The act of plagiarism is condemned and punished.

Seventh, it teaches you to compete with yourself and not with people around you. This helps in bringing out the best in you.

But the answer to the most important question of how the United States of America stands where it is today, is because of its responsible citizens. No nation can work out its plan until and unless its citizens cooperate and help, and the USA is the best example for this aspect.

Photo credits: (Google images).

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