There can be only one ‘Winner’

There can be only one winner. A win cannot be shared. I feel winning is somewhat under-rated. ‘All of them won’ – is a phrase, which I cannot relate to. In life there can only be only two extremes. There is no midway. And I would even say that the people who say that you are in between, they say so just to make you feel comfortable.

Come on! There is only two components, either you win or you don’t win. I would not use the term ‘lose’, because with every experience you learn something, so there is no question of losing. It is always a learning process that goes on and on. The person who stands on the podium ‘1’ – is the ‘winner’ and the others are not winners – they are ‘participants’.

So what is the positive point here right? The point here is that; if you are a winner, then see the number of people you have come across to become a winner. Have this point in your mind that those many numbers of people will be looking towards you to create examples, and will learn from you. So with winning comes responsibility and humility.

If you don’t win, then make it a point to learn from the one who won. What qualities made him/her a winner? Learn from the mistakes you made, and the winner did not. Take the situation as an opportunity to grow, rather that being jealous of the winner.

Now you may think what about a team effort? What if a team wins? A ‘Team’ is again a singular entity. If you find non-singularity in it, then probably it is not a team anymore.

So work hard. Working harder makes you successful. Be a smart hard-worker. There are no shortcuts to be a winner. Don’t fear to fail. There is no word called failure, when you work hard. Help others, be a sport and keep up with your spirit.

And remember one thing – there is only ONE WINNER!!

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