One Day of Being Me.

I was going to my work after my classes today, when I suddenly over heard a group of my classmates talking about how busy their life has become and how hectic is it as they are struggling with their 4 management classes this semester. While I was working I quickly drew my schedule in my mind for today.

I have 5 classes this semester and 18 hours of work as a student assistant. Today is Monday- the day when you cannot find me anywhere on campus. I will let you know why in sometime. I started my day late and woke up at 9 am as I had to complete my Accounting homework, quiz and readings and it took nearly 4 hours on Sunday. It was late at night; I think about 2 am (already Monday has arrived), when I had still had my Statistics homework and assignment to complete. I had a cup of coffee, so that I could prevent my eyelids from dropping. I finished my Statistics homework and assignment and I was pretty much enjoying it, as I love numbers and in this course we do all types of number crunching and analysis. Okay, so now it was 5 am in the morning and I had to sleep as I had my class at 10 am, and also because my coffee stopped its action on my eyelids, and my eyelids won the competition over the caffeine concentration of the coffee.

It was Monday morning, 9 am. I got ready for my Leadership class. I had my midterm exam and I when I came out of my room, it was already 9:45 am. I had to skip the awesome breakfast and had to supplement it with a cup of coffee again. But this time a strong Starbucks coffee, to keep me awake and energetic, as I read in Biology sometimes in my childhood that caffeine stimulates your brain. Oh, by the way I am doing my MBA with a specialization in Finance, from the awesome Sykes College of Business, University of Tampa- one of the best B-schools here. When you do MBA, you suddenly keep remembering your science and engineering concepts all of a sudden, I don’t know why!

The class was for 2 hours and 45 minutes and my exam went well. In the last 15 minutes of my class, I was wondering about the delicious food I would be having during my lunch as soon as I finished my class, I ran towards the dining area and I was terribly hungry. All of a sudden, I remembered I had to collect my parcel that was sent to me by my mother back home from India, and I had to go there. I had my second class- Statistics, just after an hour and I had to decide what to do. While I was allocating weights to the priorities and trying to have an effective decision-making (I know I am sounding nerdy here), my brain said that it is better to skip the lunch and go towards fetching the parcel. Although my heart was already sitting at the dining area by that time, I had to get it back to its original place to pump blood and I decided to go with my brain. I skipped the lunch.

I got my parcel after standing in a huge line for 45 minutes, and ran towards my Statistics class. By the way we get a really good coffee at our business school graduate lounge with delicious creamers and I had to take that, as this time my heart was ruling over my analytical brain. My Statistics class was for 1 hour and 10 minutes and after that, I was free for about 2 hours before my next class for Accounting.

It was 3:45 pm and I had to eat something. I had a good snack and prepared myself for my next class. My next class began at 6pm and ended at 7:50 pm. After all the Liabilities and Bond concepts in Accounting, I had 15 minutes to complete my dinner, as I work as a Graduate Student Assistant at the Library from 8pm – 1am. I had an awesome dinner in 15 minutes (I am being sarcastic-  I was told by somebody to specify sarcasm, as I don’t look like sarcastic when I am being sarcastic), and rushed to sign in for my shift.

Library is a quite and cool place and you must be thinking that there is not much work in there during the night shift? You are wrong!! Majority of the students come there during that time to study and ask doubts, clarifications, renewals, to issue books, etc. But to be honest I love working there. I have great supervisors and staff and I spend a good amount of time at the library. I shift nearly 200 books every other day to give the readers a pleasant learning atmosphere and do the other related stuff. My shift ended at 1 am, and by that time I had no energy left in me. But then I had to complete my Foundations for Management assignment, Accounting studies, and Marketing presentation. I reached my hostel at 1:15 am and started doing these work with a cup of coffee. It was 4 am when I finished my studies for the day and saw that I haven’t written any blog since so many days. I did not get any idea as to what to write, so I thought to write this piece. I couldn’t post this on that very day, so I thought to post this today.

Yes life is busy, but if you love it, you won’t feel it. I love my life. Don’t think about how much you work; instead think about why you work? And I am sure when you get to understand this question, you will love your life more.

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